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Our articles are devoted to various aspects of treatment and health promotion. We include here excerpts from our publications, we constantly update the list and add something new to it. We hope that you will find here a lot of useful and interesting information!

“City, Food and Self-Cleaning of the Body”

The article considers the environmental problems in the modern metropolis and their impact on human health in terms of systemic analysis.

“Keeping the Kidneys Healthy is a Key to Healthy Aging”

When disease develops in any body organ, kidney structure is spent, and that accelerates the destruction of the kidneys. The article provides recommendations on how to preserve the health of the kidneys.

“Strengthen the Immune System and Live A Healthy Life!”

We present to your attention our work — a brochure entitled "Strengthen the Immune System and Live A Healthy Life!" In it you will find answers to the questions: Why do some people get sick, others – do not while living in the same conditions? Does stress protect or damage? What is the real reason for the decline of immunity? What ensures the effectiveness of rest?

“Tea, Coffee and the Heart”

Tea and caffeine are stimulators of the immune system. They artificially cause body tension that does not match its needs at the moment. The article examines the relationship between nature and the human heart, and the impact on them of various stimulants, including household ones — tea and coffee.

“Modern Stress and Its Treatment”

A man, who gets sick in peacetime, is exposed to stress, as in case of a catastrophe. But this stress is an everyday one, and not episodic. Therefore, in everyday life it is necessary to stick to a certain system of protective measures, thus preventing the exhaustion of the body resources.

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