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Kidney treatment is a key to a long healthy life

A person’s adaptation to new conditions of transitory economy particularly in metropolitan areas is achieved by the compensatory strain patterns throughout the body (stress). The mechanism of adaptation is specific and depends on external factors affecting the individual.

Traditional Chinese medicine describes the major types of damaging effects which are specific for each body system. Classification is not strict, but makes it possible to predict the predominant lesion of specific internal organ in response to some effect of this or that external factor.

So, what causes the failure of the kidney, the most commonly transplanted organ?

According to statistics, the most widely spread diseases in the world are disorders of respiratory system, the most common cause of human deaths is cardiovascular diseases. However the organ which the most often destructs and demands transplantation is the kidney.

In traditional Chinese medicine the kidneys are the storage of inborn Qi (also called “primordial Qi” or “genuine Qi”). They control bone, bone marrow, brain, spinal cord, reproductive organs, ears, body orifices.

When a person falls ill, inborn Qi is spent the first of all other body energies. If inborn Qi is completely used up the person dies even though his organs are in a good condition.

The specific damaging external climatic factor for the kidney is cold, while the domestic factor is hit and pressure as a result of incorrect massaging or lifting heavy loads. And the inner emotional factor is fear.

Thus, the kidneys spend their structure due to cold, severe stress, traumatic injury, or illness. So, no wonder that the kidneys deteriorate faster than any other body organ.

Early symptoms of the existing kidney problems:

  1. any discomfort feelings in the lower portion of the back, especially lumbar pain;
  2. hearing impairment or ear inflammation;
  3. frequent sore throats;
  4. crackling sounds when moving joints; pain in joints;
  5. decreased sexual interest or other disorders of sexual function;
  6. fears;
  7. sleep disorders;
  8. prolonged bowel dysfunction (constipation or diarrhea).

In cases when there is no doubt for the presence of kidney disease, other symptoms may manifest itself; they are listed, for example, in our book "Sketches of Traditional Chinese Medicine".

Summing up the above, it should be understood, that living in conditions that often do not comply with the international standards people have to protect not only the body parts that have pain as first symptom. If the kidneys do not make us suffer till the final stage of the disease, that does not mean they remain healthy.

Kidney Recovery and Replenishing Inborn Qi

Firstly, any illness should be treated in the right way. We should strictly differentiate between the medical measures to prevent a patient’s death and the procedures aimed at the recovery of health.

In the former case the use of poisons or surgical removal of a body part may be allowed. In the latter case the dosage of therapeutic effects should be minimal and aimed at the restoration of full homeostatic regulation. This strategic result should be achieved by the Complex Systemic Therapy.

A sign of recovery is the absence of medical necessity for any treatment except for normal hygiene procedures such as gymnastics, regular and adequate nutrition, etc.

Secondly, to keep the kidneys healthy we should avoid damaging them. But the difficulty of the situation is that many of the daily actions which we consider normal, in fact are dangerous for the kidneys. In the table you can see the most often made mistakes in Russia concerning everyday safety. The mistakes are arranged beginning with the highest degree of danger.

The Most Common Mistakes of the Russian Population in Protecting the Kidneys
Improper clothing: short blouses and jeans with a low waist do not protect the lower part of the back from cold and wind This garment is only good for the South Americans, people from the Middle East or Africa. The local Russian population does not possess the kidney innate immunity strong enough to wear such clothes
Improper shoes: thin-soled winter shoesCold feet affect the kidneys
Damaging drinks: beerBeer causes the inflammation of kidneys and genital tract
Dangerous desserts: ice-cream, cold fruitsCold products including cold water cause overstraining of the immune system
Harmful places of rest: metal seats in station waiting rooms, cold seats in public transportHypothermia affects the kidneys
Dangerous sports: swimmingVery often water in the swimming pool is rather cold, and that may lead to hypothermia
Damaging information: frightening news reports in the mediaFear and anxiety damage the kidney

Special attention should be paid to dangerous methods of treatment:

  1. Medical procedures such as leeches, enema, rough massage, contrast water therapy are powerful stressors. Therefore their application in extreme cases should be made under the doctor's supervision. And for people of the Russian origin these "health recovery" and "cleaning" procedures are not appropriate due to the nature of the organism.
  2. Medications prescribed to cure chronic deceases have one important peculiarity. Sometimes it is difficult to stop taking them. The developed medication dependency is hard to fight. As all medications are poisons, they destroy the body, particularly the kidneys.

There is no need to enumerate all the things that may in some degree damage the kidney. Now you’ve learnt some facts so you can easily complete the list. If you manage to exclude at least some of these damaging factors from your daily life, your health will be better protected.

In conclusion, it should be said that restoration of the kidney function is an important and time-consuming process, which can be carried out only by specially trained physicians, for example, who work at the Traditional Chinese Medicine Center "House of Health".

Enjoy good health!

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