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Effective treatment of juvenile arthritis stage I and II without side effects and medications

Recently the questions about treatment of arthritis in children in our Center have been on the rise. Indeed, we take on the treatment of the children with such diagnoses as juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA), juvenile chronic arthritis, juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA), other types of juvenile arthritis in their first or second stages during remission, when the condition has stabilized.

The number of children with juvenile arthritis treated in our center in the period from 1993 to 2012 is more than 10, all of them have been treated out successfully.
During 2013 – 2014 43 children with juvenile arthritis have been treated in our Center. After the first course of treatment there was noted an improvement in general state of health, as well as appetite, blood circulation, and pain, which has diminished or disappeared altogether.
To date, in 41 out of 43 children the following is observed:
- complete restoration of the functions of the joints;
- complete absence of pain;
- being medication-free;
- reduced level of inflammation markers (rheumatoid factor and ESR);
- disappearance of the antinuclear antibodies in the children who screened positively prior to our treatment.
The remaining 2 patients who underwent one course of treatment still experience painful swelling of the joints and do need additional courses and observation.

The speed of recovery depends on the following: the duration of the disease at the beginning of the treatment, the amount and the type of the medications that the child has been taking and the initial and overall health conditions of the patient. It usually takes 3 or more rounds (courses) of the treatment.

Here is a typical example of successful treatment of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA).

In the summer of 1996 for the consultation at our Center was brought a boy of 12 years old, who complained of general malaise, light but constant nausea, poor appetite, constipation, and most importantly of the pain in the right knee joint that would increase with exertion of a pressure on the leg. The disease started at the beginning of the winter, when for the first time began to appear minor and short-lasting but regular pain in the right knee joint during physical exertion. Prompt assessment and treatment was initiated at a local clinic, followed by a short-term improvement. Then due to lack of efficacy of the outpatient treatment, the boy started being treated as an inpatient. Diagnosis “oligoarticular juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, stage II, with dysfunction of the right knee joint; dyskinesia of biliary tract; diverticulum of the gallbladder” were established. More detailed analysis and assessments reveled: ESR: 49-39 mm/hr, the X-ray of the knee joints didn’t demonstrate any changes to the bones; the renal ultrasound showed signs of dysmetabolic nephropathy.

For the treatment was used the entire arsenal that only could be at the disposal of a modern General Hospital. There were no positive shifts in the course of his disease for the next 5 months of the treatment, and finally prescribed was the anti-tumor medication. It didn’t lead to an improvement either, but rather resulted in nausea, loss of appetite. For further treatment and observation the boy was referred to the Institute of Pediatrics in Moscow. However, before this trip to Moscow the boy was shown to us.

Upon examination, the first thing we particularly noticed was pronounced paleness of the skin. The right knee had a fusiform-like enlargement in size and shape due to edema, which was distributed from the mid-thigh to the border of the upper and middle third of the ankle, and was much wormer to the touch comparing to other areas of the skin. There was observed tenderness to the touch and sharp pain with flexing and extending the joint. Having conducted the Systematic Diagnostics we determined that the cause of the disease was the disorders in the circulatory supply to the bones. As a result the prescribed strong medications began to work not where it was required but where it was not. Accumulation of the medications in the unwanted places and their side effects had started taking place. This case demonstrates the capabilities of the Complex Systematic Diagnostics: without our intervention the organism of the boy would not have been able to eliminate the cause of the disease on its own, whilst the conventional treatment with the medications had nothing but aggravated the whole picture and had interfered with the self-regulation of the body.

Following the Complex Systematic Diagnostics, the Complex Systemic Therapy was initiated. Having terminated all previous prescriptions, we’ve begun the treatment aimed at the elimination of the causes of the disease and cleansing out the body from the toxins. After 3 days of this treatment our little patient realized that his leg was hurting much less and walking was much easier. The sings of bodily intoxication had started disappearing, too. After 2 months and two courses of the therapy, on September the 1st, the boy went to school with other kids. Later on another supportive treatment course was conducted. There haven’t been complains since then so far. The case has been followed for as long as 10 years.

The treatment, which we carried out has a unique feature: a comprehensive holistic approach to the treatment of the organism as a whole. Thus, simultaneously with the curing from the main disease there was taking place prevention from other possible ailments. In other words healthiness and strength were literally adding up as a new foundation for healthy living, which is of particular importance in the treatment of the children who have the whole life ahead of them.

Here is another clinical case, one of our latest, where a father relates his story about the treatment of juvenile arthritis in his child.

20.10.2012 22:42, Yuri wrote:

“The boy first complained of pain in the knee joint in the winter at the age of 6 and a half, after having suffered an acute respiratory infection and exacerbation of chronic tonsillitis.

We underwent a diagnostic examination at the State Republic clinic. The diagnosis was “reactive arthritis”. After a course of NSAIDs and a follow-up at a local hospital next spring the results and the overall well-being seemed to have stabilized. The health problems were forgotten but only until October when, after he got down with cold (had running nose and sore throat), approximately two weeks later his hip joint started to ache. Most probably this time just like the first time the trigger was the immunostimulants. This time around the pain in the joint was so severe that the child could not sleep at nights. Once again we were started on the course of the NSAIDs and a few courses of antibiotics. The hip joint has ceased to bother, but then started to ache the right knee. Once again hospitalization, check-ups, abnormally high ESR and CRP, and this time the final diagnosis – juvenile chronic arthritis. From October to April we’ve been taking the NSAID continuously, as an omission of even a single dose resulted in severe pain and inability to move independently. After a few weeks another knee joint started to ache. In the same time we were trying other proposed methods, such as intra-articular injections of glucocorticosteroids. Unfortunately, the effect was insignificant and short-lived. Next was a month of taking of the anti-inflammatory drug, which didn’t bring any effect. On the contrary, there started to swell several small joints of the hands and the feet. By February we already had had pathological changes in the kidneys, the pancreas and the liver, constant abdominal pain and the next stage of treatment – the immunosuppressants. In the same time the doctors did not guarantee a positive result and couldn’t answer definitely how long we would be taking those medications. Realizing the gravity of the possible side effects of the prescribed cytotoxic drug we were postponing taking it as long as we could. We even went to a folk healer 200 km away three times every five days waiting for the admission for 4-5 hours, but that, too, proved to be to no avail. Finally we decided to start the injections of the chemotherapeutic drug. My wife found an information on the Internet of someone’s recovery after treatment in China. So we started exploring that avenue. After touring several Chinese clinics, talking with their experts, even with the Chinese people through an interpreter we were assured that traditional Chinese medicine was able to cope with our ailment but were not provided with any specific case of cure of a child with the same diagnosis like ours. Maybe it was due to lack of understanding and significant difference in terminology and methodology between our so different medical schools. In one of the clinics we had a session of acupuncture along with Chinese herbal medicine. This treatment gave us some relief. Then, by a chance, we came upon the website of “the House of Health”. Discussion with Dr. Solovyev inspired a hope. In April we underwent a ten-day therapy course. The result was just stunning. After the third session we completely give up the NSAID. The tests results after two weeks of the course were: ESR – 10 (was 27-48 all year long); CRP is normal (before was elevated). The child began to move around normally, although some morning stiffness persisted for a few months. In July we had a second course for 10 days. Tomorrow we’ll end the third course of the therapy with Dr. Solovyev. The kid is doing well, jumps and runs around, has gain some weight, is growing rapidly, has had three more tests, the results were essentially normal. In September he was down with mild cold, but that went away without consequences. Thanks to the House of Health, long are gone the perilous drugs and medications of the Western conventional medicine, sleepless nights and endless tears.

The Dad, who has also undergone three courses of the Therapy and is now taking the homeopathic remedies and other recommendations of Dr. Anatoly Solovyev had got rid of the back pain (caused by protrusion of the discs) and has significantly improved the state of the cervical spine (herniated discs). His allergy has receded, the kidneys stones have decreased in size. The Mom’s frequent headaches have subsided, too, after a course of the Therapy, as have the legs pain and symptoms of osteochondrosis, normal kidney function has been restored, too.

All these results have been confirmed not only by the absence of complains from our patients but also by the official medical tests.

The parents whose children have had serious health problems will understand how grateful we are to the destiny that has brought us to Dr. Solovyev. Thank you so much, Anatoly!”

Indeed, we meet regularly in our practice with such patients. We determine the primary cause of the disease and eliminate its roots by the Complex Systemic Therapy. Thanks to this Therapy young patients and those older get cured, and do it without any medications. The first year after the treatment we recommend to live in so-called “protective mode”, after which it’s allowed to gradually start increasing physical activities (gym classes, etc.). Some cases are tracked down as far back as 15 years. No recurrence of the diseases have been observed.

Our method of treatment, though based on the theories from traditional Chinese medicine, is so refined comparing to the usual acupuncture and herbal medicine that their association would be wrong. For example, all the children who have undergone the Complex Systemic Therapy at our Center concerning juvenile arthritis were receiving treatment without medications and herbal medicine.

Comments (2)
JRA in 12year old girl (JRA since 1years old)
2 Thursday, 13 August 2015 07:53
Sherrie Kennedy
My daughter has JRA, we have used all the medicines none to western medicines. She is treated at The Royal Childrens Hospital and they have run out of ideas, we recently had a servere reaction to a infliximab infusion. Sierra has fluid in her spine, knee, right hip, toes, and jaw that causes great discomfort. Also she has chronic Uveitis that has caused a cataract. We need Help. Currently she takes Naproxen, Arava, Prednisolone and infliximab infusions.
Administrator's reply:
We take on the treatment of the children with JRA
Thursday, 20 August 2015 09:15
Anatoly Solovyev

The medications can temporarily relieve the pain but they don't eliminate the cause of JRA. We'll find out the cause of JRA and it will help your child to recover asap. The sooner the cause of the disease will be found the more quickly it will bring good results.
If your child took any medications violating the immunity, the treatment will require more time. For a more accurate prediction of treatment you should send us a brief medical history, information about the medicines your child took, as well as the photos of the recent test results.
Juvenile arthriris
1 Tuesday, 17 February 2015 18:12
Elia Plechaty
Dear House of Health, my daughter is 3 years old and has been having knee pain for the last year. Sometimes her arm joint hurts as well. It used to be only at nights but recently her pain is in the mornings too. I did all test and it seems all well. I know it is arthriris. She had lime desease previously which can cause the desease.
I am so sad to see her in pain at nights and she is not growing fast like most kids her age.
I wanted to see if you consult patients here in the United States sometime a year? There are many children here that would benefit from this treatment. Thank you so much.
Administrator's reply:
We could consult patients in the USA
Wednesday, 18 February 2015 18:59
Anatoly Solovyev
Elia, thank you for your comment. We indeed treat arthritis in children without medications. If there is a significant group of patients interested in our treatment in the USA, we will be available for business trips.
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