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Thank you for a new and happy life, our dear Magician!
At 1.5 years, my daughter was diagnosed with a JRA. Before that it was a completely healthy baby. The doctors were not certain on the diagnosis for a long time. At first, she got a fracture; then a hospital with the diagnosis of osteomyelitis with subsequent long course of antibiotics. Then there was another hospital and finally the terrible diagnosis of JRA. I felt like we were sentenced for life. My daughter could hardly walk, couldn’t turn her neck. It’s the worst thing that has happened in our lives. All the children on that hospital unit were being treated for the same diagnosis by the same “miraculous” treatment, as we were said, that would help our children to live on. The doctors were saying that we have to ACCEPT the diagnosis and move on living with the lifelong chemotherapy. And so we’ve had the first two injections of the metoject in the hospital before being sent home. The effect of those shots did come after a while, but it was an unusual adverse reaction, which surprised even the doctors themselves. The next week the third shot was done at home, after which she started experiencing fever and hoarse voice. I hadn’t realized back then that it was adverse reactions to the injections. Then another shot, after which the child felt even worse, became swollen up like a balloon, couldn’t even sit down. Emergency doctors were offering only painkillers, which weren’t much of help either...
After the fifth shot she became unable to hold anything in the hands anymore, the tongue had turned black. Finally I fully realized that all the symptoms were due to the medication. So I took the risk to discontinue the treatment. For the next year we were living relying on our own inner strength only.
On the eve of the new year of 2014 having become desperate to find a treatment that would work for us I did come across your website. I contacted Dr. Soloviev and relayed him our story, after which he came up with a plan of treatment tailored for us. And so in April this year (the child’s turned 2 years and 7 month) we underwent the first course of the treatment. It was our salvation! Finally I got a hope! I told my daughter that we would go to a good Wizard that would work a miracle for us. The first course we were living just in hope that the miracle would happen. My girl was lying down quietly while I was holding a “want” over the dots. She was happily sucking on the homeopathic balls, which was much more pleasant for the child than the terrible shots every week and blood drawn from the little veins.
Already after some 2 weeks into the first course of the treatment my girl had had a surge of talking activity. Suddenly she began to talk all at once. General condition, however, remain basically unchanged but the appetite had increased. Next month there was the second course, after which the blood counts have improved, along with decreased ESR and C-RP. The child was looking forward to meeting her Wizard every day when going to her treatment.
After a further 1.5 months the third course had begun, to which we arrived with the results of the knee joints ultrasound. The result showed markedly reduced amount of accumulating fluids. Bloodwork was closer to the norm as well. And just recently we completed the fourth course, to which my girl came already on her own feet. She was even able to play with her Wizard in “run and catch” before settling down to treat the “magic dots”.
Our Wizard brought us back to the Life with all its meanings! Now we look at things differently, we understand that the ordeal was like a test for us and we see the real meaning in living. The main thing is health, both your own, and that of your loved ones. When we deal with a child we sometimes discipline him or her, often unnecessary loosing our temper, not considering the simplest thing – being grateful to God just for a healthy child. After all, this is all that matters...
At the moment the blood work is within the norm. Hemoglobin is 122 but hasn’t been more than 100 since her birth; ESR and C-RP are normal, too, likewise the result of the ultrasound. But the most important thing is that we are chemo-, hospitals-, and medications-free, for which I most grateful to our Wizard!
New healthy lifestyle without getting hypothermic anymore has become so affordable to us. Thank you very much, Anatoly, for all your hard work, your hands of gold. May God grand you good health. You’re one of the few who works miracles for the children, the miracle of life without pain.

Tatiana Nyrkova

Aksyusha runs!!!
Good day Anatoly Fedorovich! Writing to you is the grandma of Aksyusha (her and her Mom are at the moment at your place in Ufa undergoing treatment at your clinic). Yesterday I was crying with joy. Our baby is not just beginning to walk, but to run. The blood results have normalized: the C-RP is 2 units (used to be more than 40), the hemoglobin is 124 (used to be a little more than 100). We’re very fortunate to have found you. Let God bestow upon you health and well-being and further success in your noble work. When Aksyusha was 1.5 years, she got ill. Doctors couldn’t come up with a diagnosis. Finally, she was diagnosed with “juvenile rheumatoid arthritis” and started on methotrexate. After each injection our baby was getting worse, not being able to flex not only her knees, but also to turn the head and the neck. Sometimes after a dinner she would start walking a bit, but only with the use of an aid. Her knees became swollen. Finally, we decided to forgo the injections, which turned out to be a good decision. God has led us to you! Having undergone 3 courses of the treatment at your center Aksyusha started to run, the blood results have normalized. We believe that the disease has left her for good. Thank you for your knowledge, your “golden hands”. Respectfully, All of our large family.


Rheumatoid arthritis. We are recovering!
A month ago we underwent the 2nd course of treatment at Anatoly’s clinic. During that time not only the child (3 y.o., rheumatoid arthritis) but myself (osteochondrosis, high blood pressure, headaches, and so on). Home we arrived feeling completely revitalized, couldn’t even believe how gloomy life seemed to be just a year ago.
In January 2014 our 2-year-old was diagnosed with an autoimmune rheumatoid arthritis. Prescribed was methotrexate (in addition to the anti-inflammatory and analgesics). The rheumatologist and the pediatrician together urged us: “Do not be afraid of methotrexate, it is your only rescue”. But I’d seen such “rescued” children in the hospital, taking cytostatics and hormones for years, and their condition was getting only worse. And I started roaming the Internet on the topic of an “alternative therapies of treatment of rheumatoid arthritis” and came across the “House of Health” that of Anatoly Solovyov. Against “medical advice” I had to cancel the current “official” treatment and medications; as to Methotrexate we decided not to even start it.
To Anatoly we arrived prepared: we already began taking the homeopathic remedies advised by him.
As of today we’ve undergone two courses of the treatment. There haven’t been a replace. During the summer we had a knee ultrasound; the fluid is gone, the swelling’s subsided, the knee joint is “clear”. My son hasn’t been limping or complaining of a leg pain for the past nine months. And all is without a medication; only the homeopathy, strict thermal and fluid consumption regime, and gymnastics! Plus, already after the first course he had a surge in speech development (before he couldn’t talk well), and became physically extremely active. He enjoys good appetite, good sleep, is cheerful and his energy just brims over. Has had a cold only once and it didn’t even last more than 3 days! No problems with the climate either though we’re living in a damp and cold climate most of the year (it is St. Petersburg).
As to me myself, it is the second month I haven’t had a headache, the body feels toned and full of healthy energy; all without a pill! Anatoly Fedorovich, you are a magician! Thank you for your treatments! I can’t stop rejoicing that I found you right in time, without putting my son through all those horrific drugs that our medical doctors so easily prescribe to our children with rheumatoid arthritis. We came back from you not only on the wings of a new hope, but with a refreshed brain, almost literally. Your method is not just a “new treatment”; it is a new, and healthy lifestyle altogether. This encounter with you has radically changed my life outlook, even some of my values and habits. All to the best!
Thank you for what you do!

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