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Components of Complex Systemic Therapy of asthma

The mainstay of treatment is an individual algorithm

The used set of methods of traditional Chinese medicine and spa treatment is an author technique, which is used only at the Center of traditional Chinese Medicine "House of Health"; it has neither students nor teachers.

During the conduction of initial systemic diagnostics – an author technique for finding the cause of the disease — we try to find out the degree of correlation between damage of airway epithelium and other disorders in the body, the so-called co-morbidities. There could be as much as 2 to 15 such disorders in the body of a person with asthma. Therefore, the methods of local and general physiotherapy along with spa treatment as part of the Complex Systemic Therapy are used only with due consideration of their impact on co-morbidities, if any. Rehabilitation standard regimens that have been used for the treatment of large number of patients before are now corrected on the basis of systemic diagnostics. According to our observations, the increase in the number of co-morbidities together with the weakening of the immune system demands an individual approach towards treatment of bronchial asthma. Especially important is the individual approach towards treatment of asthma in children because the treatment should not only be effective and safe, but also painless.

Acupuncture is a special way of stimulating biologically active points.

The procedure of acupuncture carried out by us according to the principles of classical Zhen-Chiu therapy leads to the development of complex recovery reactions, which last from a few hours to up to 2-3 weeks or more. During this time, the body undergoes beneficial changes that are assessed at the next session, after which the nest step of treatment is determined. Favorable changes in the patient can be confirmed with the help of laboratory tests, electroencephalograms, electrocardiographs, rheovasographs and other equipment for functional diagnostics.

By creating an individual chart for patients based on the results of diagnostics, we can objectively compare the health of the person before and after treatment. Even during the course of treatment very often there is a noticeable improvement in felling of well-being as well as the objective condition of the patients, but the more pronounced signs of recovery of health appear about 25 - 30 days later, when a more complete immune reconstitution takes place. Acupuncture with a special methodology is used in the treatment of five types of asthma and is replaced by puncture therapy with apparatus in cases of sensitive patients and children.

Physical therapeutic factors are traditional used during rehabilitative treatment of bronchial asthma.

At our center, we offer all the necessary methods of physiotherapy, but of course they are not used simultaneously; each method is used only when indicated for use in each specific case depending on the type of asthma.

Puncture therapy with apparatus

Puncture therapy with apparatus represents the latest technologies of treatment that are offered as part of Complex Systemic Therapy. Stimulation of biologically active points using a weak electric current or non-thermal radiation is one of the safest methods of Complex Systemic Therapy. Low intensity of the stimulation requires highly precise determination of the type of bronchial asthma and the appropriate method of treatment. An Individual approach towards choosing the stepwise algorithms of stimulation of biologically active points in combination with other components of the Complex Systemic Therapy is used only at our center. Our treatment processes are extremely complex, but they provide each of our patients with the best possible outcomes. Puncture therapy with apparatus is used as part of Complex Systemic Therapy for treating asthma in children as well as adults suffering from four out of five types of asthma.

Special exercises

Special movements for achieving a good level of health, developing strength and agility were developed over hundreds of years in Chinese schools and monasteries. Regular training, such as Kung Fu, helped not only to increase the activity of the muscles, but also in strengthening the overall health. The Center of traditional Chinese medicine "House of Health" has developed a set of exercises. A specific alternation of smooth movements leads to harmonization of life processes and consolidation of the Complex Systemic Therapy. Some of these exercises are described in the “recommendations” section.

About the order of conducting Complex Systemic Therapy

During the treatment at the Center of traditional Chinese medicine "House of Health", it is recommended to observe a protective regime. Treatment is carried out in the warm climate of Sochi where the flora and fauna is not too different from that in other places in Russia; birch trees grow next to the palm trees here. Humid air and high content of iodine ions in the sea breeze have special importance for patients with bronchial asthma.

We carry out training on using the most important health-improving factor that was known to ancient Chinese scholars — «heat hardening».

Medical procedures under Complex Systemic Therapy are carried out before and after noon; painful tension is removed and chronic fatigue syndrome eliminated on the first day itself. This allows the body to breathe calmly and accumulate reserves of good health.

A good result of Complex Systemic Therapy of asthma is achieved due to the fact that the body goes into a more relaxed, not weakened state. It is this relaxation that provides the immunity for the body to be used when needed. The result of treatment of bronchial asthma and rest at our center is a natural activity; the person goes through workloads during the day and gets completely restored at nights without any stimulants, inhalers and coffee.

Interaction with the patient and preparation for diagnostics is conducted on the day of arrival. Primary diagnostics is carried out on the same or the next day. The treatment plan is determined after completion of diagnostics and establishment of a systemic diagnosis. The entire procedure for the treatment is systematically prescribed by one of the leading specialists at our center of traditional Chinese medicine "House of Health". Treatment algorithm is chosen in accordance with the author technique and the principles described above. The strength of therapeutic stimulation of each component under Complex Systemic Therapy is determined by specific criteria developed by the authors.

This is one of the main processes of treatment, and as of now, no one other than the authors of this article has all information about it.

How to preserve the health acquired during Complex Systemic Therapy?

We conduct interactive sessions with all our patients to brief them on preservation of health and prevention of various diseases by using the method of Chinese centenarians.

Apart from treating asthma, Complex Systemic Therapy exerts a comprehensive strengthening effect on all organs and organ systems of our patients. The amount of drugs consumed is drastically reduced, sometimes even completely stopped, after the first course of treatment itself.

The expected result of Complex Systemic Therapy and the way to achieve it

Absolute result of Complex Systemic Therapy: treatment of diseases of the lungs and other organs and systems through the stepwise recovery of all parts of the body.

  1. Consistent improvement of microcirculation of blood;
  2. Consistent improvement in nutrition of cells of all tissues in the body;
  3. Consistent improvement in functional state and structure of the internal organs, the nervous and musculoskeletal systems;
  4. Decrease in the concentration of metabolites (toxins) in the intercellular space;
  5. Improvement in condition and functional ability of arteries and veins;
  6. Reduction in stress;
  7. Improvement in the functioning of heart;
  8. Strengthening of the immune system;
  9. Consistent improvement in most parameters of blood tests.

The usual sequence of recovery of body parts during Complex Systemic Therapy:

  1. Improvement in the functional state of heart, lungs and brain;
  2. strengthening of the immune system;
  3. improvement in the functional state of organs located in the abdominal cavity: the gastrointestinal tract, liver, gall bladder, spleen and pancreas;
  4. improvement in the functional state of the genitourinary system;
  5. improvement in the functional state of organs in nasopharynx, vision and hearing;
  6. improvement in the functional state of muscles, ligaments and joints;
  7. improvement in the functional state of skin;
  8. improvement in the functional state of central nervous system;
  9. improvement in the structure of heart, lung and brain tissues;
  10. improvement in the structure of tissues of organs located in the abdominal cavity: gastro-intestinal tract, liver, gall bladder, spleen and pancreas;
  11. improvement in the structure of tissues of the genitourinary system;
  12. improvement in the structure of tissues in organs of nasopharynx, vision and hearing;
  13. improvement in the structure of muscle tissue, ligaments and joints;
  14. improvement in the structure of the skin tissues.

Mandatory requirements of Complex Systemic Therapy:

  1. compliance with prescribed regime (sleep, walk, diet);
  2. compliance with the prescribed thermal conditions, avoidance of even short-term hypothermia;
  3. implementation of prescribed hydrotherapy;
  4. implementation of prescribed set of exercises;
  5. coordination of all cultural and entertainment activities;
  6. compliance with the recommended order of Complex Systemic Therapy including the duration of treatment;
  7. implementation of prescribed treatment;
  8. informing the doctor about tolerability, missing or refusal from undergoing procedures;
  9. prevention of physical, emotional and intellectual fatigue.

Time to live healthy

According to the ancient Chinese doctors, the health reserves of a person can accumulate indefinitely and he or she can live for as long as 400 years provided that good immunity is maintained. Since the Complex Systemic Therapy at the Center of traditional Chinese medicine "House of Health" helps in restoring the immune system, even a patient with asthma has a real opportunity of improving his/her quality of life and prolonging the life itself by undergoing the treatment. A stop in the destruction of body by diseases and drug administration, restoration of auto-regulation, strengthening of the immune system, and most importantly, relieved breathing — this is not the complete list of benefits that you will get by undergoing Complex Systemic Therapy at the Center of traditional Chinese medicine "House of Health".

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