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Center of traditional Chinese medicine, "House of Health"

From 1993 to 2014 in our Center have been treated more than 500 children with mild to moderate asthma. The difference from the conventional medicine is that the former uses hormonal drugs, which weakens the immune system, whereas we achieve complete remission without those medications in 90% of the children.
In the period from 1993 to 2012 we have come across more than 10 cases of juvenile arthritis, all of which have been treated successfully. In 41 of the 43 children with arthritis treated in our clinic from 2013 to 2014 there were observed complete restoration of the joints’ functions, the pain has disappeared, - all without medications. Read more...

Treatment of asthma at the center "House of Health" is carried out without the use of any medications; it is effective and safe for the body. Complex systemic therapy of asthma restores the homeostasis of the body and eliminates the root cause of asthma. The result is a stable remission of the disease. Our center indulges in practicing an effective and painless method of treatment of asthma in children.

Leading experts of the centre have responded to the most frequently asked questions.

With each passing year, the number of people approaching our center from Moscow, St. Petersburg, other cities of our country and abroad is increasing. Treatment is often undertaken by the entire family at once, since the method of treatment is effective and safe.

We invite you to take another correct step towards true prosperity, good luck!

Staff of the traditional Chinese medicine center "House of Health"


Treatment of asthma in children. How to manage without medicines?

What are the methods and durations of treating lung diseases in children? In particular, we shall analyze in detail the risks associated with the treatment of asthma in children using medications. 



Treatment of asthma in children and adults without any medications

Effective treatment of asthma should be directed towards restoration of homeostasis in the body. The imbalance of homeostasis in the body is the major cause of asthma. 



Treatment of bronchial asthma and obstructive bronchitis

What determines the speed of recovery in asthma? Two examples of treatment of asthma with the long-term outcome tracked (more than 10 years of remission).  



Components of Complex Systemic Therapy of asthma

The Individual treatment algorithm for asthma includes acupuncture, apparatus puncture, prescribing homeopathic medicines, physical healing factors, special exercises and recommendations on a healthy lifestyle.  



The methodological basis of Complex Systemic Therapy of asthma

Despite significant progress in the spheres of diagnosis, intensive care and surgery of lung diseases, nobody has actually offered before us a real method of recovery from chronic obstructive bronchitis and asthma.  We found the ways for increasing effectiveness of treatment of bronchial asthma in non-drug therapeutic modalities, since medications are good only for emergencies. They cause drug dependence during treatment of chronic diseases, which is not much better than drug addiction. 



5 types of asthma

Different types of disturbances in the microcirculation of blood and weakening of immune system create the prerequisites for development of different types of asthma, which are also treated differently. 



Diagnosis of asthma: finding and fighting the cause

Diagnosis of asthma during drug therapy is headed towards the wrong direction. The use of medications itself serves only to suppress the symptoms of asthma and not to eliminate the cause of asthma.  

The true cause of asthma lies in the disturbance in the nutrition of pulmonary epithelial cells that develops due to blockage of blood microcirculation.