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Statistics and effectiveness of treatment of bronchial asthma at the CTCM "House of health"

90% of children with mild to moderate asthma who underwent treatment at our center got rid of signs of the disease without the use of any medications.

During the period between 2005 and 2012, the structure of the contingent of children undergoing treatment for asthma at our center has changed. Earlier more than 70% of patients used to come for their first course of Complex Systemic Therapy before using hormonal medications. In the recent years, almost all patients who come to us have already been exposed to basic therapy.

As a result, we get patients who have been given symptomatic treatment for months and years instead of therapy based on etiology and pathogenesis. Although they say that basic therapy is based on pathogenesis, but in fact it only eliminates the symptoms of asthma temporarily; the disease keeps on progressing, so the dosage of hormonal medications has to be constantly increased.

Inhaled hormonal medications that enter the body through the capillaries of the lungs are not detoxified by the liver; this would have happened had they passed through the gastro-intestinal tract. This is why their effect is several times stronger than the hormonal medications in the tablet form. Hormone replacement therapy always causes an imbalance in the endocrine system. A “withdrawal” syndrome develops often upon termination of treatment with hormonal medications, manifesting as a sharp increase in the otherwise subdued symptoms. Therefore it is recommended to gradually reduce the dosage of hormonal medicines. There is also a direct damaging effect of glucocorticoid drugs on the respiratory system that is associated with disorder of the immune system. It is well known that these drugs have an immunosuppressive action. There is always a disorder of immunity in asthma and glucocorticoid drugs aggravate this condition even more.

Hence, these powerful drugs are suitable only for emergency situations and urgent medical aid for saving lives. However, unfortunately, hormonal treatment is prescribed nowadays in chronic obstructive bronchitis and bronchial asthma.

The asthmatic children that come to us now for our Complex Systemic Therapy suffer not only from a primary immune disorder, but also from an immune disorder as a result of drug therapy. The proportion of patients with asthma of moderate severity has increased. More people have abruptly started suffering from uncontrolled asthma. Obviously, this affects the outcome of treatment. Typically, patients receiving hormonal medications have to come back for a second course of the Complex System Therapy. Moreover, not everyone is able to thoroughly follow the recommendations, including the recommendations for guarding the children from exposure to cold and preventing their contact with people suffering from an acute respiratory disease.

Not all parents are able to bring the child for a second course of treatment in a timely manner. Had we been able to continue the treatment, the percentage of cured patients would be more. We warn that we might not be able to cure children who have been taking hormonal medications in a small span of 2 weeks. And some parents knowingly bring over their children with uncontrolled asthma for just a single course of treatment. Unfortunately, there have been cases when the improvement from such first courses of Complex Systemic Therapy was not good enough for the children to completely stop taking medications.

Therefore, we count children who have not been able get cured with the first course in the group that represents just about 10% of all the patients successfully cured by us.

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