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Strengthen the immune system and enjoy good health!

How to strengthen the immune system?

Which way of health improvement for themselves and their children the Russians should choose?

Should one live with a chronic illness, wait until the organ's critical destruction comes, and then look for money for a surgery? Should one take antibiotics and antipyretics each time he catches cold, in order that a "horrible" complication may not develop at night, and thus, every time debilitating the body even more? Should one observe unhealthy children and wait for even more unhealthy grandchildren? Should one go to bed and wake up feeling bad?

Maybe, the time has come for us to start loving life? (Maybe we should start to love life?) Has the time come to provide yourself with a strengthening of natural immunity and quit being afraid of influenza, stress, osteoarthritis, asthma, heart attack, apoplectic attack?

This brochure on the Complex Systemic Therapy, which is an author's method created by N. I. Soloviev and me, is purposed for a health improvement of adults and children having low immunity. The Complex Systemic Therapy includes traditional Chinese and modern computer diagnostics. It is carried out by means of devices for microwave resonance therapy, reflexology, physical factors, uses curative climatic factors of the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus, like sea air, etc.

During 9 years of the Complex Systemic Therapy application, including 3 years in a recreation and retreat center, thousands of people have got rid of various diseases and strengthened their immunity. Many of them previously have been undergoing other methods of treatment for a long time and with no success.

It's June 2000. Woman with her eyes looking tired brought two children. The boy is 3 years old, and for all these years he has been crying and complaining of frequent headaches. The diagnosis is increased intracranial pressure. He regularly takes drugs (diuretics and anti-inflammatory). The girl is 9 years old, every month she has exacerbation of chronic rhinosinusitis. Their mother realized that it's impossible to restore their health during the five days left until they leave Sochi, but she was asking at least for any kind of help. The diagnostics and the Complex Systemic Therapy were carried out... In a year, her entire family arrived for a health improvement. When the father saw that his son had almost ceased to complain of pain and felt no need for drugs anymore, also, his daughter just having been healthy during a year, he himself decided to undergo our diagnostics and a course of the Complex Systemic Therapy.

May 2001. A group of 70 children from the city in the Far North accompanied by a doctor and tutors arrived at a recreation and retreat center for sanatorium resort therapy. During their flight to the destination, two sisters were found to have chickenpox. Obviously, their isolation was impossible. The diseased girls have been isolated only after their arriving at the recreation and retreat center. The children have spent several hours together, despite most of them haven't had chickenpox once before, and therefore, have had no specific immunity. Everyone expected an outbreak, as it is the most contagious of all childhood infections. The children underwent assessment and started undergoing the Complex Systemic Therapy, and their health state control was the most thorough for the entire three weeks. Finally, the latent period had terminated, and no child was ill thanks to a significant strengthening of the immunity!

June 2001. A soloist of the Bolshoi Theater, Honored Artist of Ukraine came to us from the North Caucasus right after the sanitarium. The treatment he had received there was rather varied: sulfur, radon and bubble baths, manual and underwater massage, manual therapy and reflexology, physiotherapy and laser therapy, taking mineral water, etc. Still, he kept on complaining of weakness and back pains disturbing him when standing for a long time or performing on stage. The number of procedures has not resulted in the quality of health. The diagnostics and the Complex Systemic Therapy were carried out. The proper dosage of therapeutic intervention was chosen, and it was minimal. A few days later, our patient recuperated, and his sincere gratitude and a great concert in a conference hall of the recreation and retreat center became our reward!

June 2002. For 25 years, that is the most of her life, our patient has been feeling herself ill, despite she underwent regular treatment in the prominent Moscow hospitals. She felt joint pains, intractable constipation, menstrual disorder, the feeling of intolerable heat in summer and of extreme cold in other seasons, no matter how warm her clothes or house were. Her immunity weakness type was determined. The Complex Systemic Therapy course lasted one month. Improvement was rapid. For the first time in 20 years, she has survived the heat well, and she has felt a soft heat inside, the menstrual disorder and joint pains have ceased. To strengthen the impact she was given personal recommendations.

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