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The impact of living in urban areas on public health

The conditions of adapting to a life in a modern city depend on the human body state and the environment.

Along with air, food and water, every Moscow, St. Petersburg and other large cities resident permanently gets a lot of natural and synthetic chemical compounds. These compounds are not necessary, to say the least of it, and what is more often, they have a toxic action. Inhaled toxins and the heavy metals salts tend to accumulate in the body tissues.

It is known that there are cross-effects of two non-toxic chemicals taken simultaneously, causing a toxic effect in the body. For instance, after the incident with Antonio Benedi, a former Special Assistant to President George H. W. Bush, in the USA, they started putting inscriptions on the packages of drugs containing acetaminophen indicating that it is prohibited to take paracetamol along with even low doses of alcohol. It is also known that the simultaneous use of six or more drugs or synthetic vitamins causes unpredictable and unstudied reactions in the body.

In the summer of 2010, the air quality in Moscow and some other large cities became a critical problem due to the smoke pollution from the forest fires. But in other seasons, the urban air quality doesn't always meet sanitary standards, even when there are no fires.

These are the main ways for toxic agents to get into the body. However, getting toxins from the outside is not the only cause of everyday pollution of human body. Switching to organic foods, moving to the suburban area solve the problem of long-lasting everyday body poisoning only to a certain degree. This is because the products of both normal metabolism and pathobolism should be excreted. If this process is noneffective, a self-poisoning starts taking place.

After having received and assimilated the required nutrients, cells secrete their metabolic wastes. A cell's performance depends on the amount of consumables and performance conditions: the more intensive a cell works the less favorable conditions it has, the more waste products it excretes. These waste elements are highly reactive with the cell wall. The waste products accumulation causes the need for their dilution to reduce the concentration, thus resulting to edema.

In this case, edema is a body defense reaction to the increase in the concentration of toxic chemicals in the extracellular fluid. Fighting edema without a previous reactivation of hemophoresis and removing of the toxins causes damages to the cell wall due to the increase of toxins concentration.

It should be emphasized that taking drugs for сleansing the body without a hemophoresis reactivation will cause an excretion of the required substances and water out of the blood, and the waste products in the areas of poor hemophoresis will remain. Many women reported a side effect of nourishing masks: after the short-term improvement there has been the skin quality deterioration. This is because the nutritional compounds incoming directly to the skin cells had been assimilated, and later the cells excreted an appropriate quantity of toxins, thus their concentration in this area has increased dramatically. Of course, the universal transport for removing toxins is water. But they need to be dissolved in water in order that the natural detoxifying mechanism may function. Therefore, we need to provide water the access to the intoxicated zones. The most important factor in the process of detoxification by means of water is the quality of hemophoresis in the body.

When the cell gets its nutrients in the natural way, that is through the blood with a good hemophoresis, then the selection of toxins and waste products is going on at a normal pace. And if the cell gets its nutrition, but the detoxification mechanism does not work with sufficient efficiency, then the toxic effect that breaks the immune system and the appearance of this part of the body is inevitable. With a poor circulatory, the toxins and water contact is broken. This is the reason for the accumulation of toxins that have found their way to the body in different ways.

It is hemophoresis improvement only that contributes to better excreting of the waste products and the decontamination of the extracellular fluid. During the Complex Systemic Therapy (a complex of therapeutic procedures for reactivation of hemophoresis and immunity, treatment of stress), the toxins are rapidly excreted from the extracellular space, first into the blood, and then to the outside through the excretory system (skin, bladder, bowel).

The Integrated Complex Systemic Therapy contributes to a final reactivation of the body self-decontaminating system by means of its own structural elements. An improvement of the hemophoresis in the digestive organs and excretion contributes to the full digestion and assimilation of food, deactivation of toxic substances and their excretion out from the body. After the treatment course, the better state of Moscow and other large cities residents is maintained by following simple recommendations. In particular, it is the taking of sufficient water. This effect was noticed by our former patients from Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as from the other cities.

Enjoy good health!

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