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Modern stress and its treatment

The history of medicine in Russia and in Western countries picks out and stores the information on such obvious events as the overcoming of epidemic and work of doctors during the great wars.

Nowadays the achievements of this so-called “catastrophes medicine” are the main arguments in allocating the funds for state bodies, responsible for state of health in the country, and while making the curricula for medical academies.

There is no doubt that we should have the prepared system of military field medicine in case of a nuclear war, but it's impossible to treat a child with weakened immune system or a chronically ill elderly person using the means of such medicine.

Stress during peacetime

If a person fell ill during peacetime, he undergoes the same stress as during the catastrophe, but this kind of stress is a daily one, not one-time. And it isn’t as strong as the one during the warfare.

A considerable decrease of the usual common colds was noticed during the warfare. It was connected with strong stress and the tension of the immune system that were caused by cold and fear. However this kind of stress destroys the resources of the body and depletes the capabilities of immune system. But human usually can withstand 1-2 years of such tension (perhaps, the period of compulsory military service has relation to this).

Various stimulants — both household (bathing in cold water) and food (alcohol, coffee, tea, cola, and nicotine), as well as medicines (different food supplements, vitamins) — cause the activity of the immune system only for a short period of time. Soon, the stress which was caused by these stimulants depletes the resources of the body. This fatigue is accompanied by even stronger weakening of the immune system, if compare with the previous one.

Dousing children’s legs with cold water as it is practiced nowadays, causes the stress in the child’s body, which can be compared with the stress that people experience during the war. Reducing the incidence of mild colds is observed only during the first year. But then, the diseases such as maxillary sinusitis, bronchitis, nephritis appear in children. These diseases are much more dangerous for human body than rhinitis, which was actually the reason to fight with.

It is obvious that those who conduct such experiments on children don't have any scientific basis. The references to pseudo teachers who don’t know anything about physiology and anatomy cannot withstand any scrutiny. Some examples of people who are constantly overcooled and don’t catch cold are not the model for mass copying such type of behavior. It is easy to get a gangrene of feet when constantly walking on the snow or living on the street. In order to sure in this, it is enough to visit the hospital — there are many vagrants with their cut off feet.

Fundamentals of health preservation

In our daily life our body needs the system of action that will help it to adapt to our changeable world at a long period of life but not only at 1 or 2 years.

The informational system of precautions should include 2 fundamentally important elements:

  1. The rules of a strong immune system formation for long life;
  2. The access to information about what actions are hazardous to health.

We (Solovyeva N. I., Solovyev A. F.) have developed the system of the Complex Systemic Therapy, which includes:

  1. the general part – the recommendations how to protect our organism in modern conditions;
  2. the individual part – the ways of nonmedicamentous restoration of the immune system, normalization of blood microcirculation and treatment of stress.
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