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Complex Systemic Therapy The reasons behind creation of this method

The reasons behind creation of this method

What is the reason behind crisis of modern health care system? Why is it important to popularize the Complex Systemic Therapy?

The crisis of the academic state medicine

Western academic state medicine was created in a situation when the most socially significant factor was the fight against infectious, epidemic diseases and injuries. The public health system coped very well with this task. But people always long for more.

Gradually, life has become more stable and the proposed methods of treatment that are based on the methods of operative surgery and antibiotics have ceased to satisfy the majority of the population. Life expectancy has increased to such an extent that people have begun to suffer from chronic diseases. Research in the field of regenerative medicine that is aimed at finding methods for rehabilitation of the body did not have much success because it was again based on the same principles of operative surgery and drug therapy.

Strict instructions on the use of antibacterial drugs and broad indications for surgical intervention led many patients abandoning the services of official medicine. The absence of an official and valid alternative to surgical methods has pushed people to search for something. By far, not everyone has become healthier during this search.

The solution to health care crisis — acceptance of systemic regenerative medicine

We believe that the real way out of the crisis of modern health care may only be the adoption of systemic regenerative medicine, for example, the Complex Systemic Therapy.

The theory of a systematic approach to the diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the body is reflected in the work of P. K. Anokhin, Hans Selye, A. P. Sorokin and other scientists. However, the practical implementation at the level of medical institutions has not been realized until now.

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