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Complex Systemic Therapy The history of creation of our method — Complex Systemic Therapy

The history of creation of our method — Complex Systemic Therapy

The search for a method of treatment, establishment of cause-specific diagnosis, training at the School of A. I. Falev.

Our goal is to eliminate the cause of the disease.

The idea of creating a branch of medicine, in which systemic approach would be the determining factor, was born to us in 1978 while studying at the Gorkovsky Medical Institute and attending lectures and practical classes of Professor A. Sorokin.

We looked for the means to implement this idea for a long time, and finally in 1993 we got to know about acupuncture with use of resonance on biologically active points. The opportunity to exert an impact on the body through biologically active points using certain devices was the second step in building the framework of Complex Systemic Therapy. The unresolved question at that time was the question about rapid diagnosis of the condition of the body system, because the existing instrumental techniques of testing could not provide a picture that would be sufficient for making a complete diagnosis.

Cause-specific systemic diagnosis is a reflection of the dynamic process that characterizes the tendency of every system of the body to either destroy itself or to build itself. Therefore, the diagnoses adopted by the World Health Organization (WHO) are good only for statistical purposes; they are not suitable for practical clinical work.

The diagnosis should reflect the essence of the system’s condition and the possible way of treatment, just like it is in traditional Chinese medicine. That is why we studied the monographs of V. G. Vogralik, G. Luvsan, A. Ovechkin and others on this topic. The principles of diagnosis are described well in them, but not well enough for self-study and reaching our present level, especially when the cause-specific diagnosis provides the only correct understanding of the condition of patient's health. The strategic and tactic aspects of treatment are directly expressed in this type of diagnosis.

Treatment using methods of traditional Chinese medicine, such as phytotherapy, acupuncture, cauterization etc., demands traditional education. In our country, such an education was possible at the School of A. I. Falev, master of Traditional Chinese Medicine. However, obviously, it is not possible to carry out mass systemic treatment in our country using the means used in traditional Chinese medicine. Phytotherapy with those plants which are used in traditional Chinese medicine is difficult in our country because these plants are not found here. There is still no statement from the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation on the effect of herbal remedies on the body.

After more than a decade of research, we found that the most convenient and effective is the combination of acupuncture on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, the physical apparatus impact on biologically active points of the Chinese meridians, as well as individually planned regime, plus some types of massage, sometimes balneotherapy, mud baths, homeopathy etc. At the same time, the existing methods of using one or the other devices do not determine the order and the basis for their combined use in the whole process of treatment. Therefore, Complex Systemic Therapy, wherein each component of the therapeutic action has its own place, necessity and sufficiency in each specific case, is currently the optimal treatment option for the general population. We have reported the results of the practical use of Complex Systemic Therapy at the 1st Russian conference with international participation on the microwave resonance therapy, held in February 1996 in Moscow, as well as on forums and conferences held in Sochi and other Russian cities.

Training and Work at the School of A. I. Falev

Training at the School of A. I. Falev was focused on the classical methodology of traditional Chinese medicine, based primarily on herbal medicine, less so on acupuncture and cauterization, as well as other traditional methods of treatment. The training classes also included lessons on pathogenic factors and their role in development of disease. The training justified the choice of stimulating biologically active points in relation to their functional values. There was a bigger emphasis on comprehensive analysis of Chinese characters contained in the name of biologically active points for a better understanding of their functional significance. Special techniques of acupuncture treatment were demonstrated. The possibility of direct interaction with A. I. Falev within the School and the study of his monographs ("Classic methodology of traditional Chinese Zhen-Chiu therapy" "Ancient secrets of Zhen-Chiu therapy") have accelerated the accumulation of skills that have become the key to rapid and profound understanding of the processes occurring in the body.

Some conclusions of our use of systemic diagnosis and Complex Systemic Therapy have been used in the process of collaborative work with A. I. Falev on writing and editing of joint monograph "Classical Chinese Zhen-Chiu therapy", M., "Olympia" in 1999. Our book "Sketches of traditional Chinese medicine" was published in the year 2000.

In 2001 — 2004, the idea of Complex Systemic Therapy was embodied in the activity of diagnostic and therapeutic center for the treatment of pensioners with more than 3,000 people being treated for various diseases including diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, peptic ulcer disease with ulcer localization in the stomach and duodenum, pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis.

Many different licensed methods have been used including stimulation of biologically active points using needles and various devices, massage, physiotherapy, homeopathy, local climatic factors.

The most important aspect of the Complex Systemic Therapy is the devotion of the entire diagnostic and treatment process towards a single goal — to eliminate the cause of the disease.

With the marked reduction in immunity in the majority of the Russian population recently, physiotherapy and spa treatment methods cannot be used as widely as probably 20 — 30 years ago. This is due to the fact that the general stimulation of the processes in the body causes activation of both physiological and pathological manifestations. At critically lower levels of protective body reserves, the general stimulation leads to depletion (of protective mechanisms) and the activation of pathological processes. Therefore, the methods of local and total physiotherapy, spa treatment, in our opinion, can only be used in parallel with the elimination of the causes of the disease. This is described in more detail in the brochure "Strengthen immunity — live healthy" and other publications.

Enjoy good Health!

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