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Complex Systemic Therapy What ensures the effectiveness of the treatment?

What ensures the effectiveness of the treatment?

Good result of treatment is due to the fact that there is an accumulation of potential energy and your body transforms into a relaxed but powerful state. It is this relaxation that provides power to the immunity that people can use when needed. The result of treatment and relaxation at our center is restoration of natural activity. This is when a person can easily undertake workloads in the day and then completely restore the energy at night.

 The absolute result of Complex Systemic Therapy — cure of diseases of organs and organ systems through a phased recovery of all parts of the body:

  1. consistent improvement of microcirculation;
  2. consistent improvement of nutritional supply of cells in all the tissues of the body;
  3. consistent improvement in functional condition and structure of the internal organs, the nervous and musculoskeletal systems;
  4. decrease in the concentration of metabolites (toxins) in the intercellular space;
  5. improvement in condition and functional ability of the arteries and veins;
  6. stress removal;
  7. improvement in the function of heart;
  8. strengthening of the immune system;
  9. consistent improvement in blood test reports.

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